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Peggy (Silva) Camacho


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My Travels!

I love to travel! I will post some of the places I have been to here on my page. Hope you enjoy!

Peggy at the White House

White House trip 'once in a lifetime' experience

Peggy Camacho


   As I was growing up I always heard my parents talking about President Kennedy or another president, and this big White House!

   I would ask, 'Whose house?' As I got older, I finally realized what they were talking about, and all I can say was someday I would go up to the "White House" or at least dream about it or visualize myself there.

   Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would come to reality.

   It all started with my brother Jerry and his three wonderful girls, Andrea, Olivia, and Julia living in Hopewell, Virginia.

   He would invite me over and over again to come to his home, which, by the way, is very close to Washington D.C.

   He would tell me stories about the "White House," the "President" that resides there now, and about the time that his family took a tour of the White House and the excitement that followed.

   And I would say "Yeah right, me visiting D.C.?"

   Then, one day, an opportunity came and I was able to visit the eastern part of the U.S., I took him up on it.

   Immediately, I became the tourist and they the perfect tourist guides.

   I was actually taken to Washington D.C., the "White House" the "President's Home"!!!
We also went to visit Arlington Cemetery where John F. Kennedy and ex-wife and family members are buried!

   I've only read this or seen it on TV. Can you imagine how ecstatic, how excited I was! I also visited the site of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, which was very impressive.

   I also visited the Korean and Vietnam Memorial and the Lincoln Memorials; I couldn't believe that this is the man in the penny!

   I also visited the Smithsonian Museum; we saw the ruby slippers that Dorothy wore from the making of the Wizard of Oz, what a sight!

   There was so much to see in little time, but I got as much out of it as I could.

   This was a once in a lifetime thing and, in short, I had a blast! I hope to return again some day with my children.

   You see? If I can make it to the "White House," anyone can. Dreams do come true!!


Camacho, a waitress, lives in Socorro.


This article appeared in the El Defensor Chieftain dated May 9, 2002.

©Defensor Chieftain Karen Veil    Editor.