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Bobby Silva


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We Love You DAD


To Dad with Love!


Wind beneath OUR Wings

Dad's Love is Always There. He is OUR Strength.

Song Dedicated to DAD

       Let me start off this letter by saying, thank you lord for sparing my fathers life. Today i woke up having this feeling of joy and happiness,i mean dont get me wrong im a happy person.....sometimes....but thats human nature.... anyway. I woke up this morning, having this feeling of completion, joyfulness, and compassion for life. Not knowing what tomarrow may bring im fully prepared to take on any task in life. I say this with confidence, matureness, and pride. Ill start off on how i recieved this gelling. On January 10th, we almost lost our dad..."Our Dad"  the root of this family tree, the light when its dark, and the air we breath when we're out of breathe.. Ive never been so scared in my life...ever. There is no word in the english dictionary, describing how a person feels about this kind of situation. I know now that faith plays a big part of our life, if only we believe..and the man of my life, gave me this faith. A man who cares for others, rather than himself sometimes, a man who is devoted to his faith, prayers, and family. This man is "our father"  A man survived death, with just bump on his head....just a bump... We all go through life not knowing what may happen to one another, but this is a lesson that we all must learn, and that is know what you have in life, family, friends, and loved one's for tomarrow may never come. I thank god, grandma edie, aunt debra, and grandma taylor, for sparying my fathers life, so he could be with us another 100 years...i wish....cause this man i know has a lot to see, and alot to do in life. He needs to see my first boy...the dynasty of the next generation,  to see that the name will be carried over with more strength and power than it has today..or to take my dad to a hockey game, or to our first pro nfl game, or to go fishing like we used too....things like that, and im sure my sister feel the same this letter, i dedictae it to my dad, my hero, my mentor, my light,  the man, the myth, the TAZZ, one bad ass mother-----, i dedicate the song "Voodoo child, by SRV, so if you hear this song, think of one man...ROBERT GABRIEL SILVA, walking , struting his stuff, playing "an air guitar" ... yelling "IM BACK" ...i love you dad, with everything......but if this letter some  how reaches the after life, or heaven.... Thank You...  Thank You Lord..........

to be continued.............another ^ generation

  What my brother has just written is ALL true. There are no other words to describe, "Our father", then what he has just written. We were given a wake up call, by someone above. To remind us that our petty falling outs are just that "Petty". I can't even imagine my life without my dad. I don't think I could move on, only because, if it were not for him, I wouldn't be here today, sitting here and writing this e-mail. I truly believe that my grandma was his guardian angel, on January 10th and covered him with her wings. Of course she is his guardian angel everyday, just a little more that day. Not many of us know the extent of his accident, if you had seen the car like we did, you will understand how grateful we are to still have him today. It's a scary feeling to know that just in a split second, that person could be gone. And you would never get to hug and kiss them again. I found some change in his car, when I went to see it and took it to my grandma and my auntie, and thanked them for giving us a second chance with our dad, and said a prayer for them. We all love our dad very much, more than anybody will ever know. Only because, he has always been there for ALL of us, he has given us a lot of his wisdom, and still gives it today. One thing he taught us, and that is NEVER be ashamed of who you are, or where you came from. Wear your name with PRIDE and DIGNITY!  SILVA.. Live your dreams and make yourself proud, because not matter what, he would always be proud of us! In whatever we chose to do with our lives. One thing I do know, is that whether my brother knows it or not, my dad truly loves his son, and once told me, that he is his pride and joy, and he doesn't want my brother to get THE BADGE for him, get it because DAVID wants it, and David only! He would love him WITH or WITHOUT it. Because he is proud of him no matter what! Me and my sisters, well we're his baby girls and just wants us to take care of our families and be there for mama. Mama, well that's another topic. He loves her a lot, even though she can be MAMA... (ask dad 'bout that one). 

WE LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!                   Love You,
                                         Lisa M. (SILVA) Benavidez

Today, I Woke up from my afternoon nap, and I checked my email like I do on a daily basis, Words can not express the feeling I recieved when I read the beautiful messages that my Nephew and Niece wrote, My heart felt such a sense of graditude and spritual awareness that I could not contain myself, I want to take this time to say that I am very proud to say that I have family that have truly learned a lesson in graditude, love, compassion, and most of all UNITY. God has worked in mysterious ways in the lives of all of us today. And all this time he has just wanted us to just be still and know that HE is. Bobby has been more than just a brother-in-law, he has been an older brother. Bobby came in to our lives and has been in our lives since. His gentle smile and nonjudgemental character is what best descrbies Big Bob to me, He never sat in judgement of all of my faults, but rather gave me hugs to assure that all in my life would be just fine, no matter what path I chooseto take, he is always there to lift the spirits of all those who touch his life. I too am very grateful and privleged to have such a man in my life today, Thank you Debra, Edie, and Grandma for letting us have Bobby for another lifetime, More shall be revealed to us as we unite. and stay on the path of faith. Your Loving Auntie Emma

ZZ Top

 To whom it may concern:     

       This letter is a continuation of the last one I wrote but with even more feeling, and detail. Im hoping this letter some how reaches the after life, or even heaven. The reason im writing this letter is for many reasons, one of which is dedicated to my father. Why? do you ask. Well ive never been a person to show, or share feelings with anyone. I mean dont get me wrong, i am a true beliver of the lord, faith, and that communication that we call prayer. Recently im sure you all know by now, through phone calls, loved ones, and any other communication that is aloud. Recently on January 10 2002, the day that the name SILVA stood still,the day that my father was involved in an auto accident. My worst fear, but the greatest day thats ever happened to me (so far), the day where i almost lost my father, but the day where i grew more closer to the man we call "Dad"  Im not gonna lie, i was scared, shocked,but most of all "lost". I felt that if i lost my father, my life would not be complete, and im sure my sister's agree with me. And my life is not complete without him, im not done learning from this man, nor im i done having a good time with him, you could say that im very selfish in this matter, but this is what i feel, and have been feeling since then. My father is the light when its dark, and the air when im him i turn for advice, love, and strength. I will always think of my dad as my hero, guidence, and direction. And for this i thank not done with him, there are many memories that i have to complete with him...memories like...there are alot more beers that me and him have too drink together, or many ZZ top songs we have to listen too, or even many bark's that we have to give to all kinds of women...;o) , toasting many shots, and pounding our chest with our fist...WE GOT THIS DAD!!!  But i will always remember the first beer we shared as i was growing up, the first time he showed me how too drive, to in the future having him have my first son nap on his chest, as i did when i was a baby, knowing that it was the safest place to be..... I Love You Dad.... i will always love you.....forever....    I thank whomever, and whatever  that gave the oppurtunity for this man to live with us another day......... these words will never change....POR VILLA.....

Forever and Ever Amen

Dear Family and Friends,
    First of all I want to start by thanking each and everyone of you for you prayers and your support during our terrible ordeal. On January 10,2003 I received a phone call from my daughter telling me that her father had been in an automobile accident. Not knowing what to do at that point I gathered myself together and tried not to panic. All I knew at that particuliar time is that I had to be by his side. I couldnt allow myself to think any different cause that was gonna make me falter. As I'm being taken to the
hospital I'm praying to Edie and to Debra my sister to keep a close watch on him, and they did. I always knew in my heart that they would always take care of him, after all he's a man with a heart of gold. Thats one of the things that I know Edith passed onto him, not to mention his sense of humor and his kind soul. We are soul mates and the love that we have shared and continue to share is beyond words. We have been together for 31 1/2 years and we have climbed many mountains and jumped many hurdles and we still have many many more. Our lives together have become one, one heart, one soul. We are not only man and wife but he is the BEST friend I will ever ever have. We made a pack together a long, long time ago, we said that we intend to leave no stones unturned and we have too many to turn. With the love that we have for each other we have produced 5 wonderful children. Our love for them is more than we can ever say. We hold them dear to our hearts and ask god everyday to keep them safe. Our children mean the world to us. Bobby and I sit and talk about each and everyone of them and those are the secrets of our hearts. He is a man that shows very little pain, but I know when its there. I know when he hurts and I know when he's cried, we just hug each other and that hug alone is the best feeling. I've been truly, truly blessed to know this kind of love. Its a love that comes from the heavens and I'm so grateful to be given the oppurtunity to continue to experience this love. Edie,Debra and my grandma indeed covered him with their beautiful wings.
There is too much for us to do yet and too much for us to see. So before you close your eyes tonight be grateful with where you've been and proud of who you are.
Once again Thank you from the bottom of my heart and always remember todays hugs are the ones that stay in the heart forever.
We love you all! God Bless you all!
Thank you Lord for your message. Edith, Debra and Mrs. Taylor you are truly truly ANGELS! Thank You Lady's, you remain in my heart always.
Dont forget people LIVE FOR THE MOMENT!!!!!!!!
Enjoy life its GREAT!!!!!! :)



On January 10th our life changed dramaticly.. See our dad, our world, our savior was in a car accident..
Words cannot express the feelings we all felt that day, One hand we were all scared yet happy, happy that he made it.. and scared because in an instant someone we adore can be gone..
My dad has been the root of this family just as my family has stated, He has been there not to judge, point fingers, or critisize us, but tell us "The key is in the dryer"
I dont think we realized just how close we were until that day, when our family was nearly devistated..That day we realized just how strong yet weak we are..
But most of all strong, we all hung in there for mom, She is his right arm, People say "they are like teenagers in love" and thats true they are, All the trials and tribulations they have went through they have stood strong and tall against all odds... My dad has spoke to me in private regarding all of us.. He has a special place in his BIG heart for all of us, I am his eyes.. "los ojitos lindos", we are all very different, but when it comes to our parents there is no road long enough or mountain tall enough to keep us apart.. My mom once told us, "we are not gonna be around forever" but to us those were just words, because they are untouchable, until that day... that day that our family nearly broke.. I have to thank the good lord above.. And my Gramma Edie, Gramma Taylor and Auntie Debra for keeping him safe and giving us a second chance to be able to tell him how much we love him and be able to have the smell of that mans great colonge on you when he hugs you,, thats what makes a day a great one.. knowing I can tell him face to face that I love him.. Because Daddy, I  do, I do love you....
Roberta Gabriella Silva

On behalf of your Brothers and Sisters and Dad, we are very thankful to our Lord and the powers of Love that have kept you here for us to enjoy. You are the Miracle of Life.
I am honored to assist in the many tributes of Love expressed by your loved ones who care and love you.
Love, Jerry