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Family Reunion - Family Group Record Forms Information
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Nuestra Familia,
We are soliciting information for our 3rd Silva Family Reunion to be held in 2006, so that I may have your preferences, and guidance.
Thank you, Jerry

An update will be published about our FIRST/Second Family Reunion. Please watch for it and as always let me know about any information that I may have missed or is incorrect, thank you.

Please complete the following Family Reunion worksheet.

Click here for the Family Reunion Survey Form!

Please complete and send the Family Group Record form.

Click here for the Family Group Record Form!


Family Reunion Survey Please help us keep our records up to date.
City___________________________ State_________ Postal code_______________
Country_________ New address? ___Yes ___No
Phone_________________________ Email___________________________________

Family Members names and birthdates

What would you like to see in a family reunion?
We are considering holding a family reunion, and would like to give you the opportunity for input.
Would you and your family attend a family reunion? ___Yes ___No ___Don't know
How long should the reunion be? ___1 afternoon___weekend ___long weekend
Location ideas_____________________________________
Best time of the year?_____________________________
Food ideas_______________________________________________________
Activity ideas_______________________________________________________
Any additional ideas_______________________________________________________

Do you have names and addresses of families we might be missing?
1. ____________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________

Thank you, Jerry
Please cut and paste, update, and send to:

If you need it sent via email, please request a copy.

If you need the Family Tree input sheets, please send me an email. Send any mail to: The Silva Family Tree C/O Jerry Silva
3106 Jackson Street Hopewell, Virginia 23860