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In Memorium of Mom, Wife, Edith Silva page 1

This page is dedicated to a wonderful wife, and beloved mother, who gave of herself constantly.
Please use this as a means to express yourself to her, as she is always listening.

Mom, her santo and guardian angel.

Mom's Eternal Candle

Keeping Mom's memory alive, with a lit candle, which lights the way for others, through her guidance.


Jerry and Daughters, Andrea, Olivia, Julia

A Tribute to my Grandma, By: Andrea Silva
Unspoken words show the feelings of the past,
as we are here gathered to see her go peacefully.
Reflect on the memories of all the good times that we shared.
Her love can go on forever in the memories of our hearts.
She was a great woman; she always stood by her word.
There is an irreplaceable spot that was always open for her.
Now that she's gone, the spot is left empty, but yet she always fills that one place in my heart.
Now we take the time and look back on all she's done.
What her words have meant, and all that she's taught.
I'll never have anyone in my life like her again.
But at least I know I did my part and she can rest easy,
Because the bond we shared will always last.
And she can rest in peace knowing that I'll always and forever love her.

Let her go, by: Olivia Silva
With tears in our eyes and an empty void in our hearts
She was a wonderful person, and we will miss her so
But as much as we don't want to her to, she has to part.
We have memories from the past, but that just won't do.
Without a doubt, she will miss us too.
Now she's looking down on all of us, knowing how much she was loved.
She went to a better place, where she can have no worries.
She'll come back to us, sooner or later.
Not as her self, but as something even more wonderful
When we least expect it.
But as for now, we have to let her go.

For my Grandma Edie, By: Julia Silva
She was very special, each loving day,
And she showed her love in any little way.
We all know her love will last,
Memories start flying up from the past.
God is taking care of her up above,
And helping her to send down her love.
Her soul and mine will never part,
She will always be with me, in my heart.

Mom By: Jerry
My mom, who was special in everyway, she knew how to bring cheer to all those around her, in spite of her illness, she was a very strong person, always giving consejos, and it was funny because if you listened to them, they would work, and you would say "how did she know that would happen?" she had insight to everyone, she valued her sons and daughters, and their families, she always said "Somos Silva's" and don't forget that, she would say "we may not be ricos in dinero, but we are in our corazon for others!"
When I called her and told her that I had been selected as 1of 3 Virginia American Legionnaire of the Year recipients, number 2 in fact, she said "Mijo, you should have been number 1 in my book, but just think, you are one of the top, and to be Hispanic and to be one of the top 3, you should be proud, we are mijo, we are, and not because you are Hispanic, but because of the things you have done for others, and someone has seen this in you, really made me beam like I was number 1, she was always good at making me feel good and important. I loved her for that.
As a Silva and proud member of Socorro, makes me go out and represent ourselves in a positive way, which to me reflects our parents and their values, which are passed on to us, and when I or my family do good it is because of the guidance we received from you mom, and dad, I hope I made you proud. I am going to miss those consejos verbally, but I know I will get them spiritually.
On the more serious side, one thing about "la Edie" as I heard many friends/relatives call her would say, and that is "She said what she meant; and she meant what she said". She may have been small in stature, but big in her heart.
I love you mom, and I love you dad!

1 Year Anniversary
So If you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day, so hold your loved ones close today whisper in their ear, tell them how much you love them and that you'll always hold them near.... If tomorrow never comes,
forever loved, Your husband Nick L. Silva, and
Granddaughter, Alta Lujan 8/25/01

Mother, It only seems like yesterday. You never closed your eyes in sleep 'till I was in bed. How much my mother worried when I was away. I only knew she never slept when I was out at night, and she waited just to know that I'd come home all right. Until I returned, she always kept a light, for mother couldn't sleep until she'd kiss me goodnight. She had to know that I was safe before she went to rest and once she said,"When you are a grown woman, perhaps I'll sleep the whole night through" Then came the night that I was called to her bed, and in her eyes there gleamed again the old time tender light. She smiled the old, familiar smile and prayed to God to keep me safe from harm throughout the years. And then she went to sleep.
Your daughter, Peggy Camacho and Family 8/25/01

Mother My 0:) A year has passed and I miss you so. I know you are at a glorious place called Heaven with our Lord. This is where I find the peace in my heart, you are safe and happy. You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn't speak. You were my eyes when I couldn't see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn't reach. You gave me faith, "cause you believed." I'm everything I am because you loved me. Now sometimes, alone I feel your arms around me and all my need for you spills out in pain. Memories of you surround me. I wait for the day I will see you again. Forever in my heart you will be. Hurry get your wings and fly with me.
Your daughter, Bonnie, Max Montoya & family. 8/25/01

In loving memory of Edith Silva. 1 year on August 28. Mom, If it hadn't been for you I may have never known how truly strong and courageous a women can be, how deeply concerned and loving she can be, how welcoming and assuring a home can be, how beautiful and lasting a Mother's love can be. You were the light of my life and you were the greatest mother and always will be. I think about you everyday and miss you so much. My life is not the same without you, everything I see and hear reminds me of you. I miss you Mom! You will always be in my heart. The only thing that helps me cope with this is knowing that you are with God in a better place. You are my Mother and I love you with a love that I'll never outgrow.
Always and Forever,
Your daughter, Cindy, Lazaro Anchondo and family. 8/25/01